Our creative process starts with 3 simple steps!


Have an idea of what you want your logo to be? Want to discuss questions? Our design team schedules a one-on-one consultation with each and every client. It is here that we give our undivided attention and have a conversation about what your logo and brand can become.


We take the notes from our conversations and begin conceptualizing ideas, researching your competition, and start putting pencil to paper. Once the concepts become more fully-formed ideas, we begin taking them digital and the real magic starts to happen.


Now it’s time to choose! After crafting a variety of concepts, we present you with one-color logos and start to narrow down a direction. We’ll give you a call, talk through the different options and start working out some of the more intricate details that will truly make your logo special.


Not sure where to start? Is your mind spinning with ideas? Thats where we come in. Our focus is to help grasp all conceptional outlines and bring focus to where we need to start first.  From branding & designs, too print media and marketing options.  Our focus is to create a game plan than attack.


It takes a lot of time and effort to develop and maintain a marketing campaign that resonates with your intended audience. As a strategic thinker, however, the development of a marketing campaign takes even more consideration. After all, we’re always searching for ways to gain the oh-so important competitive edge.


Your brand is the promise you make to your target audience (prospects and customers), the experience they have with your company, the personality that is perceived and the messages you convey. This goes beyond just the creative elements of your brand such as the logo design, the color palette, you tagline and other visual elements. Your brand lives in the actual interaction and experience of your target audience. We Can Help!


A powerful design which creates the right impact is the starting point of the visual language of any marketing campaign. A graphic design or visual arts that communicates the right message to the target audience take a brand a long way.

At Rock’n Graphix, we have been creating Award Winning graphic design pieces since 2009! With 1000s of art projects under our belt, you can rest assure that its not only pleasing to the eye but one that talks to your target market and builds trust and authority that your brand deserves.


Visualization is everything. And digitalization is a key component to getting your message across into days digital age. Whether your creating digital menu on your 4k led, developing a great design for your social media message, simply needing some creative videos for your business or personal brand, designing an online presence or the call to actions that will convert to sales; Rock’n Graphix has all the tools and creativity to help design, develop and deploy your digital needs.


It is no secret that great product photography will increase your products sales. Whether you manufacture products or sell/promote your products on the web, magazine or catalogue you must know the importance of great product photography it is essential to your product sales revenue and professional look. Rock’n Graphix will make sure that each one of your products will look its best, we give each product we shoot the attention it deserves and we will take as much time needed to produce a perfect image of your products resulting in crisp images that will represent your products in its highest form.


We have several packages to help businesses with any ongoing design services to stay up float on production.

 We have the right plan to suit you.