Look no further!  Rock’n Graphix REALLY ROCKS!  My company business card was sorely lacking (that another marketing company designed-ugh!) and in real desperate need of a fresh, better look.  I met Vincent Shonia and consulted to see if he could offer a better design.  He exceeded my expectations!  He delved right in, asking questions to generate several card draft design options for me to review.  Voila!  The card designs he presented were polished, impeccably smart and well thought out.  (One reason I was so impressed is that I had worked previously for an advertising/marketing firm in NYC, so the bar was set high). It was hard to make the final selection because all the draft designs looked great, but did narrow down to one. Next, Vincent made some edit changes to ensure I was completely satisfied.  Customer Service par excellence! I showed off my new business card with other staff members at my company.  They were jealous of the new look of my card and calls were placed to Rock’n Graphix-now they too have professional, fine-looking business cards.  With this winner, my company is now consulting with Rock’n Graphix for a fresh new web site design.  Rock’n Recommend!