Like a retailer trying to send out last-minute promotions before the holidays, the presidential candidates will likely also rely on the email channel to secure last-minute votes. 

Throughout the election, Return Path’s “Email for President” tool has generated head-to-head comparisons of the candidates’ email programs, revealing insights about their performance among potential voters. So close to Nov. 8, here are some of the most recent findings:

● Hillary Clinton started the campaign with a clear advantage in email list size, but Donald Trump recently saw a significant jump in list size. At its peak, Trump’s list was 20 percent larger than Clinton’s, and he now has a nine percent advantage in list size. To achieve this gain, however, Return Path notes that it “appears Trump may have purchased lists to build his email database—which can do more harm than good in terms of deliverability.:

● As of late October, Clinton’s open rate stood at 18 percent and Trump’s at 12 percent—both above the 11 percent industry average.

● Clinton’s complaint rate (which measures the number of subscribers who mark emails as spam) has been virtually zero throughout the campaign, while Trump has seen complaints as high as 20 percent in recent weeks (as the result of sending from different domains resulting in spam filtering).

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