Everyday is a new chapter and each page begins with you. 6 years after our intital start, Rock’n Graphix has designed, developed and deployed campaigns ranging from traditional advertising too online marketing, from design pieces & printed products too web projects & applications.

 And it all starts… with the love of the relationship!

People are our passion and the success of a relationship is what we were born to accomplish. Our job is to bring everyone together; from consumers too business owners.  Over the years, we have created a number of matrix’s, measures, and unique campaign’s  with original styles and methods to help maximize the efforts of any businesses, small or large, throughout the country to maximize on gaining the right consumer to increase sales and productivity.


Research & Discovery

Our initial step in the process is to understand your business.  This means taking a look at your complete overview, this includes; your current client base, operations, procedures, and your structures. Basically everything minus your financials. Why, so we can gain a better perspective as to what measures best suites you. Once we have understood your current internal affairs, we than take a closer look at your external overview to help gain a better insight as too who your clients are, where are they located, type of clients and furthermore.  So that when we are ready to begin a campaign, we will have a better understanding on how to target your new customers.

Once our research is compete, its time to to determine what type of marketing campaign  may best help determine your overall needs. The development aspect is important considering this is the footprint to your ongoing mission. We will than provide a statistical discovery to help identify what steps you may need to move forward.

Now that we have an understanding of where we need to go, and all of your options laid out on the table, its time to begin creating the p[roper campaigns to help reach your existing client and new prospects.  The design process is critical to convert your message into terms that your consumers will understand.

Whether we start over with your; branding perspective, new print media campaigns,  web pages, landing pages, online campaigns, traditional projects, social media marketing, SEO or just simply in-house promotional items, Rock’n Graphix wants to insure that your budget meets ever aspect to insure longterm success.

Design & Development

Deploy & Monitor

Now lets get the show on the road, we will work closely with your marketing department or management team to insure that which ever market and advertising campaign we being lunched efficiently. Once launched, we need to make sure that each campaign is being converted by consumers efficiently.

We use a number of web applications and software analysis programs to determine whether each campaign is working or not.  This helps you determine how your marketing budget is being utilize the most to maximize its full potential.

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